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Rocketship​-​Trace [E​.​P​.​]

by Rocketship



Five songs from a split LP, double-CD E.P. Rocketship released with friends, Trace, from Sacramento, California. $4, or $1 a song.


released January 1, 2003

Written, recorded, and produced by Dusty Reske.
For this recording Rocketship was Dusty Reske, Brisa Roche, and Nellie Wieland
Originally released on Omnibus Records.


all rights reserved



Rocketship Portland, Oregon

Psychedelic sugary bliss-out orgasmic popular music, etc. From "Hey, Hey Girl" to "Textual Tension", Rocketship, for twenty+ years, has few arrests and no ill feelings.

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Track Name: The Quad
I was on the outside
always looking inside
always from afar I would wonder about your life
and your set

But I'm too awkward
and I'm too shy
so opportunity passes me by
why, oh why?

I saw in the hallway
see me in the doorway
only for a moment
our eyes met 'till I looked away
or did they?

You didn't wave and
you didn't nod
I wonder
Did you see me that day on the Quad?

I used to dream you'd say:

Let's go to a play
to the park all day
movies, I don't care
just to have you there
I love you

Late night dancing's fine
pints, a toke, or wine
hot tubs, I don't care
I love you
Track Name: Never Going To Let You Go
Waking up
you hear the singing
of the sweetest melody
Coming from
outside your window
from two songbirds in a tree

It's meaning:
I love you so
I'm never gonna let you go
no, no, no, no, no

Open up
a letter from a lover
read upon the page
in the sweetest lines
the sentiments
that know no bounds or age

Their meaning:
I love you so
I'm never gonna let you go
no, no, no, no, no

I'm never gonna let you go...

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