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The "A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness" LP Reissue in brown translucent vinyl is now available! It's 25% off ($12!) for Fan Subscribers, by the way.
Now available: our last 25 copies of Rocketship's "ambient" vinyl LP, "Garden of Delights". These are like new and in their original resealable plastic outer jacket covers.
It's an exciting time for Rocketship, as we've just reissued our debut full-length LP, "A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness" on vinyl, available soon here to Rocketship Fan Subscribers. As well, we have a brand new album, "Thanks to You", coming out in 2017. We're going to release the songs from the new album exclusively to Fan Subscribers, at first, to, indeed, "thank you" for your dedicated support and devotion.
Playing and recording as Rocketship for about 20 years, it's always been difficult for me to put out as much music as I'd like because so much of my time has been devoted to my "day jobs" and family responsibilities. Now, Rocketship Fan Subscriptions can change that and allow Rocketship to have predictable, stable resources to write, record, produce, and distribute our songs full time. Incredible as it seems, if only a 1/4 of Rocketship's social media followers became Fan Subscribers, I could work solely on Rocketship! Wow -- that truly would be amazing.

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